5 Tips For Organizing Your Workspace

5 Tips For Organizing Your Workspace

Getting everything organized on your desk can go a long way to help your productivity. Researchers say that people with neat workspaces do a better job on an everyday basis. Since this is a very important issue, we put together a few tips (and things) that will help you get organized at work.

1. Corral Your Cables

Cable clutter is a sad reality for almost everyone—but it doesn’t have to be for you any longer. Keep cables in line by adding a cable holder to your desk. You can even take it to the next level and label your chargers and cords, to keep track of them even when you lend them to a co-worker. (Or when they’re scattered around your desk.)

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2. Sanitize

Get some wipes, a trash bag, yellow gloves, and a roll of paper towels and get to work. Clean everything! Wipe up those muffin crumbs that have been sitting next to your keyboard for a week. Scrub out those coffee cup rings. Dust your monitors and keyboards. Get the fingerprints off your picture frames. It’s important to take this opportunity to do a thorough scrub. When flu season comes around, you’ll be thankful!

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3. Find a Home for Your Gadgets

These days, we all have many screens competing for our attention. To stay productive and on-task, create a "home" for your smartphone, smartwatch, and other potentially distracting gadgets; a dedicated drawer or shelf can help keep you focused at your computer, so you won't be sidelined by a constant stream of notifications.

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4. Decorate Your Desk

By decorating, I don’t mean covering it in tchotchkes that’ll just clutter it up more. Instead buy a nice frame, a cool paperweight, or even a plant. Having one item on your desk that you want to show off (even if it’s only to yourself) will make you more motivated to keep your space clean.

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5. Make a To Do List

One of the oldest tricks is to always make a list of things you need to complete the moment you start your day. It makes you organize your tasks and prioritize them as the day goes. Also, crossing them off can be a very satisfying action, for some people. 

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10th Oct 2018 Raphael

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